Witness to Surrender

   25 March, 1971. Major Siddique Salik witnessed the invasion of Pakistan Army in Dhaka that night. He was working with Lt. Gen. Tikka Khan during that period, and later wrote a book named Witness To Surrender based on his experience during that time.

   “Before the sun rose in the morning of 26 March, the soldiers submitted their final report of successful massacre ‘Operation Searchlight’. At noon Bhutto was taken out and escorted towards the Airport. Before leaving, he gave a short speech appreciating the work of Pakistan Army, thanking God that they could save Pakistan. When Bhutto gave such a positive remark I went to catch a glimpse of Dhaka University area and witnessed the mass graves made to bury hundreds of dead bodies. None of the officers agreed to reveal the exact death statistics…….”

“…After coming out of that area, I drove in the streets of Dhaka on my own, and massive dead bodies of civilians of every age came into my sight……..I returned to the Cantonment early for lunch. But I saw the situation over there was completely different! They were quite normal after the tragic massacre they performed in town. They were gossiping about the fact that the Bangalees were taught a perfect lesson, and that they can only recognise the language of coarseness…….but during the war of 9 months long, the Bangalees proved that they can fight back harshness in a pretty meaningful way.”

Source: Prothom Alo

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